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FN056-01 925 Sterling Silver Curb Chain

925 Sterling Silver Curb Chain

Price: £11.69£11.87

Fine jewellery chains are made from real 925 Sterling silver and they are highly polished and come in branded anti-tarnish satin jewellery pouch and a paper gift bag. All necklaces are stamped for authenticity with S925.

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A Mum’s Love Heart Shaped Bead Charm

Price: £17.25

Celebrate your mum by gifting her with one of our sterling silver heart shaped bead charms! The heart charm showcases a cute braided border and an engraving of the word –Mum”.

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BFF Engraved Silver Disk Charm

Price: £21.62

Your best friend is the one that is always there for you no matter what, which is why it is only appropriate to give her one of our BFF silver disk charms on her birthday or any other special occasion.

Daughter charm_X121C-(2) copy

Daughter” Heart Charm

Price: £18.58

Let your daughter know how much she’s appreciated by surprising her with one of our sterling silver bead charms that are accented with the word ‘Daughter’ long with a band of light blue crystals.

Guardian Angel Charm

Guardian Angel Charm

Price: £23.38

Smiling angel charm is so cute with its sweet smile and by having this charm on your bracelet it will represent the innocent, angelic side of your personality! Made from 925 Sterling silver and stamped with S925 for authenticity.ity!

X121B_9 Mother_Heart_Charm_Bead

Mother Heart Charm

Price: £19.97

Mother charm is unique and beautiful as mother’s love is endless and all mothers deserve only the best for mothers day. This charm could be the perfect mom gift and it will remind her of your love for her. This heart charm is engraved with the word mother and designed with sparkling red cubic zirconia stones. Say your “I Love You Mom” with this stylish piece of jewellery.This beautiful silver charm engraved with the word ‘Mother’ can only show how much you love your Mom and you can surprise her with this wonderful gift idea.

Angel wings pendant charm

SC Angel Wings Silver Pendant Charm

Price: £17.25

Memorialize a loved one or pay tribute to your sweetheart with this double angel wing dangle charm that is made out of pure premium grade sterling silver.

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SC Dad Charm 925 Sterling Silver Engraved Gift Packing Included

Price: £19.98

Are you a self-proclaimed –Daddy's Girl”? If so, say it loud and say it proud by slipping one of our sterling silver engraved –Dad” disk charms on your charm bracelet or necklace.

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SC Sister Charm Engraved Heart With Crystals 925 Sterling Silver S925

Price: £18.58

Let your sister know how much she's appreciated by surprising her with one of our sterling silver bead charms that are accented with the word 'Sister' long with a band of pretty pink crystals.