Golden Monkey Charm – Limited Edition 18k Gold Plated Monkey Bead


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Swinging through the trees to his new home in your heart, our exclusive gold-plated monkey charm is worth going bananas for! The perfect gift for any occasion – or even as a well-deserved treat for yourself – this bright and beautiful little bead is one of our most popular gold-plated charms of all time. Our high-quality monkey charm bead is made from 925 Sterling Silver as a base metal and is gold-plated with 18K Yellow gold. The gold plating is done according to the international standard and is 2.5 microns thick, which provides a luxurious and long-lasting finish. A certificate is also available upon request to verify the quality of this beautiful golden specimen.

Across many cultures and for much of recorded history, the monkey has been a symbol of energy, activity, charm, fun, enjoyment and playfulness. One of the signs of the Chinese zodiac, the monkey symbolises an individual with a heightened level of curiosity and the drive for discovery, who is also prone to having a lot of friends. But at the same time, the monkey can also be a creature known for its rebellious nature and willingness to self-indulge, given the opportunity!

For that special someone in your life who matches any part of this description, our gorgeous gold-plated monkey charm represents the perfect gift!

Intuitive and Intelligent

The monkey has been adopted into myth, folklore and religion all over the world, having come to be known as a creature that is playful, witty, loyal, intuitive and intelligent. The monkey within the Chinese zodiac is considered to be opportunistic and multitalented, while the Japanese view the monkey as both heroic and a messenger of the gods. Various cultures interpret the monkey as a symbol of fertility, matrimonial harmony and the protection from demons and disease alike.

As far back as the ancient Aztecs, the monkey has been revered as a uniquely important creature for a variety of reasons.In the wild, monkeys are known for their extraordinary social habits which often mirror those of human beings. Monkeys often display incredible depth of understanding, compassion and bonding, dedicating much of their time to grooming and generally taking care of other monkeys. Hence their association with support, family and social bonding in general. Nevertheless, monkeys can also be fiercely territorial and protective of what’s theirs – people who don’t like their authority to be challenged may possess similar traits to their not-so-distant primate cousins!

So once again, if any of the above rings true for a particular individual in your life, why not embrace their spiritual and animalistic side with the gift of our gold-plated monkey charm?

Stunning Gold Plated Monkey Charms

Whether buying for yourself or as a thoughtful gift for anyone in your life, our charms are lovingly produced to evoke a truly unforgettable response. Along with our glamorous golden monkey charm, we also offer an absolutely stunning silver variant. Sporting the exact same design and robust quality, the sweet smile on this little fella’s face is guaranteed to bring a smile to your own face, every time you look at it.

Sophisticated, elegant and immaculately understated, our exclusive monkey charm is ideal for bringing a touch of creative and cheeky sparkle to any charm bracelet or accessory. Whether you go for gold or select our silver charms, each and every product across our collection comes supplied in a luxurious gift box, finished with elegant bows and ribbons for perfect presentation.

Hand-Crafted Gold Monkey Charms

What makes our gold-plated charms different from those of many manufacturers is our total commitment to quality, craftsmanship and traditional hard work. Each and every charm across our entire collection represents a 100% unique hand-crafted treasure, painstakingly produced by one of our own exclusive artisan designers. Our commitment to hand-crafting techniques allows us to guarantee not only superior quality, but unique results with each and every charm and treasure we create. So if looking for the kind of gift that’s every bit as special and unique as the recipient, you’ve come to the right place!

We use only the finest materials in the production of our gold-plated monkey charm, translating to exceptional durability and long-lasting beauty. We stand by the quality and workmanship of every product across our entire collection and guarantee your total satisfaction without exception.

Whether it’s the cheeky monkey in your life who’s hard to keep under control, a caring matriarch who deserves recognition or simply that special someone you’re completely bananas about, our monkey charm really does tick all the right boxes! Compatible with most popular charm bracelets, necklaces and accessories, we also offer a wide range of bracelets and chains to complete the package. Be sure to get in touch if you cannot find exactly what you’re looking for listed here on our website.

Check out our full collection of charms and accessories online, or contact the team for more information.


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